Meal Delivery

Our meal delivery service provides professionally cooked food to homes and businesses in Moncton, Dieppe, and Riverview once a week.

Our weekly menu is a combination of old favourites and new, unique items created by Jason. These are fully cooked, just heat and enjoy!

Simply choose your selections from our menu by Monday at noon to receive your food on Thursday.

Our individual meals are in containers that are microwaveable, freezable, and reusable. They are a good size, and a lot of our clients find that they are actually two meals, depending on your appetite.

Our soups come in a 12 oz container that is microwaveable, freezable, and reusable.

Family sized portions are available upon request. Please contact us for a quote. All family sized portions are delivered in a container that is oven proof.

Not going to be home? No problem! Simply leave a cooler out for us and we will place the food inside for you. Please remember ice packs! If you don’t have any, contact us to purchase.

Delivery is just $5.00 to Moncton, Dieppe, or Riverview. Or you can choose on of our pick up locations and receive free delivery! (Sequoia Trinity, Sequoia Downtown, Sequoia Dieppe, or Simply for Life Riverview)