Fresh meals delivered to your door!

Our meal delivery service provides fresh, delicious meals to the people of Moncton, Riverview, and Dieppe.  We deliver to your home or office or you can pick up from one of our 4 pick up locations. Our next delivery date is Thursday May 30th. Please order by noon on Monday May 27th .

1.  Thai Chicken & Noodles. Regular portion $15. Small portion $10.

2. Curried Beef with Turmeric Cauliflower Rice (Low Carb). Regular portion $15. Small portion $10.

3. Crispy Tofu Steak with Sundried Tomatoes, Olives and Feta Quinoa (Vegetarian). Regular portion $15. Small $10.

4. Chinese BBQ Pork with Sweet & Sour Coleslaw. Regular portion $15. Small Portion $10.

5. Coconut Tomato Basil Soup. 12 oz. $5

6. Smoked Ham & Pea Soup 12 oz. 12 oz. $5

Delivery is just $5.00 to Moncton, Riverview, or Dieppe or Free to Sequoia-Trinity (Coupon code Trinity) , Sequoia Downtown (Coupon Code: Downtown),  Sequoia Dieppe (Coupon Code: Dieppe) or Simply For Life (Coupon Code: SimplyRiverview).

All of our containers are microwavable, freezable, and reusable. Family sized portions are available (please contact us and let us know how many people and we will provide a quotation for your family).  Our regular portions are in 38 oz containers, and the small portions are in 24 oz containers.

Please order by Monday May 27th at noon to receive your orders on Thursday May 30th.

Please note that we are unable to provide a time for delivery, but we encourage you to leave a cooler out for us to leave the food in so that you don’t have to worry if you are home or not when your delivery is made. Please remember to leave ice packs if the temperature is above 4 degrees C. If you do not have ice packs, feel free to contact us to purchase.

You can order online by clicking the “place orders” tab on our website,  email, inbox our Facebook Page, or call us at 506-863-4620.

Thank you for supporting local business!

Julie & Jay